Our planet faces a series of problems

Earth as it was in 1978 (left) vs the Earth as it might look like in 2066 (right)

Mankind has been using Earth’s natural resources— such as soil, forests and minerals— since time immemorial. However, in the 20th century, the burden placed on these resources has greatly increased due to rapid population growth, which necessitated proportional increase in agricultural production. This, however, brought forth several new problems, that now threaten to irreversibly damage the environment and ecosystem in which we live, as well as disrupt the industrial and agricultural processes which produce the food that keeps us alive.

Increased demand for agricultural goods inevitably led to an increase in the amount of bio-waste, as well as increase in energy and fuel expenditures. Moreover, the burden that such intense production placed on the soil was and still is quite considerable, and is contributing to progressive soil degradation. As a result, the once fertile land has suffered.

There are policies that support transformation towards sustainable lifecycle of resources, and some solutions are being developed; however, they are merely focused on re-cycling (1-2 times) rather than actual restoration of any of our planet’s natural resources.

We offer a complex solution

The Biograda solution offers a complex approach to solving the problems of bio-waste management, fossil fuel dependency and soil degradation. By processing bio-degradable municipal and industrial waste from farming and animal production, we provide not only a valuable service to the local community, but generate further value in the form of green energy and soil regenerating substrate EFFECO by ZZ as our mainproducts. It is a perfect circular economy solution contributing to sustainable development goals as defined by the UN and the EU Green Deal plan.

Bio-waste management

Every year, up to 138 million tons of bio-waste are produced. Of those, only 30 million are ever recycled, and the remaining 108 million are disposed in a manner that is not only harmful to the environment, but also wastes most of the remaining energy potential and valuable compounds within.

BIOGRADA patented process improves the efficiency of existing solutions for bio-waste treatment, and establishes a complex process through which bio-waste as an input is transformed through processes of anaerobic digestion, composting and carbonization into valuable commodities.

Reducing reliance on fossil fuels

70% of gross available energy in the European Union is still acquired from fossil fuels, which are both a finite and scarce resource.

By processing bio-waste via anaerobic digestion, we obtain bio-methane which can be further processed into compressed natural gas (CNG), liquid natural gas (LNG), or electricity.

Through complex approach to bio-waste management, the BIOGRADA solution is capable of processing a wide array of input materials, thus assuring production of renewable energy that isn’t reliant on any one specific type of input.

Reversing the degradation of soil

More than 60% of European soil is unhealthy and 25% land is at high risk of desertification. Our company has signed the Save Organics in Soil Manifesto and offers a concrete solution.

EFFECO by ZZ Soil Improvement Substrate renews natural resources as it is capable of binding carbon, and thus renews life in the soil and increases soil fertility.

The effects of EFFECO by ZZ substrate have been studied over a period of several years, and the results have been published in several internationally renowned academic journals.

Our solution might suit your needs

If you are

that produces large quantities of bio-waste, or owns land with deteriorating soil

that produces large quantities of bio-waste, or is looking for an investment that would address several issues at once

BIOGRADA solution can be integrated with existing treatment methods for a reasonable cost.

Any plant with composting and/ or AD process can become a BIOGRADA facility. Our solution combines the benefits of both composting and anaerobic digestion and overcomes their limits by patented innovation.

New bio-waste processing plants can benefit from validated setup of the pilot plant in Horný Jatov, Slovakia.

that produces large quantities of bio-waste, or is looking for an investment that would address several issues at once

that is looking to improve the quality of your soil

that is looking for a profitable investment into a company that is both eco-friendly and economically effective

And your goal is

Then you might be interested in licensing of our full solution or partial bio-waste treatment process.

If you do not want to invest in building the necessary facilities, you can always partner with us and make use of our services to process bio-waste for you.

Bio-waste separate collection and its re-cycling will become mandatory by 2024 in the EU. By 31 December 2023, bio-waste must either be separated and recycled at source or collected separately and not mixed with other types of waste. – EU Directive (EU) 2018/851 on waste

Then EFFECO by ZZ soil substrate would be a great choice for you.

Encourage the use of organic fertilisers and soil improvers, thereby decreasing the EU’s dependency on imports of mineral fertilisers. – EU Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 on fertilizers.

Then by licensing the patented BIOGRADA solution, and outlining your criteria and expectations to our experts, we could provide you with the right solution to fit your needs thanks to the modular design of our process, the result of which could be bio-methane, LNG, CNG or electricity.

Then by licensing our BIOGRADA solution, you would be gaining value in terms of processing fees for treatment of bio-waste, profits from renewable energy, and sales of soil regenerating substrate effeco by ZZ.

Our company is led by a group of successful businessmen, who have put together a team of experts in their respective fields. We all firmly believe that BIOGRADA solution is a step towards a brighter future, and will go above and beyond to see it succeed.

BIOGRADA offers you

a complex solution to bio-waste management, production of renewable energy and soil regenerating substrate.

With a multitude of options regarding the scale and scope of materials for processing, we will tailor the project to your needs and work together with you to achieve your desired goals.

is a sustainable care that utilizes the never-ending cycle of restoration of natural resources to enhance soil fertility and quality.

  • The EFFECO by ZZ substrate has 5Y+ durability and is easy to store, transport and apply to soil.
  • The EFFECO by ZZ substrate contains recycled nutrients and increases organic matter in soil.
  • Soil in the EU can store up to 3,5 millions tons of CO2 a year and become more fertile at the same time.

Talk to our team to bring BIOGRADA to your region!

Contact us at info@biograda.eu

What we have achieved so far and our plans for the future

Our pilot plant and how it works

Pilot plant in Horný Jatov (SK) has been transformed from a devastated brownfield into an experiment and pilot production plant. It benefits from the proximity of numerous local resources (within a 60 km diameter) that provide biodegradable municipal, industrial and agricultural waste, bio-gas station and demand for bio-fertilizers by local cereal and vegetable producers.

The site is designed to process 150 000 tons of waste and produce 20.000 tons of effeco and 1,2 MWh of energy per year. The same setup will be sought in commercial production sites.

The underlying idea behind the research and development of the BIOGRADA bio-waste treatment process and biochar substrate is the eco-effective care for soil. The care that utilizes the never-ending cycle of restoration of natural resources to enhance soil fertility and quality and at the same time, deals with the issue of bio-waste management. In a circular economy, bio-waste is directed to treatment options that use the waste as a source of valuable resources such as nutrients, organic substances and energy. The BIOGRADA approach meets the most stringent ecological criteria while being economically effective.

Bio-waste needs to be sorted according to whether it is safe to be used as-is or whether it needs to undergo hygienization. It is also necessary to sort it in regards to its water content in relation to its future usage in either dry or wet fermenation, outright carbonization or usage as a component of effeco by ZZ.

Before solid biomatter is processed any further, it needs to be mechanically treated— sorted, milled and ground down to acceptable size.

If bio-waste is deemed hazardous, it needs to undergo sanitation and hygienization.

Hygienization is a process that addresses the risk of biological contaminants in biomatter so that it is safe to use that biomatter in following processes.

Hygienized biomatter that would be more suitable for carbonization or as a component in effeco by ZZ is then sent to process 4. Drying.

Hygienized biomatter that is more suitable for anaerobic digestion is sent to process 3. Anaerobic digestion, to be processed via either wet or dry fermentation.

During the process of anaerobic digestion, bio-methane is produced along with heat. Resulting bio-methane can be used to either produce electricity via combustion, or turned into CNG or LNG depending on the setup of the production plant.

Drying is a process where residual water content is separated from bio-matter.

Some of the dried biomatter that is either not suited for anaerobic digestion, or has become digestate through anaerobic digestion, is turned into biochar in this process.

To produce the effeco by ZZ substrate, several ingredients are used along with biochar.

The exact ratio can be adjusted to perfectly address the needs of a specific plot of land, provided that a sufficiently comprehensive analysis has been performed on said soil and necessary information are provided.

Resulting effeco by ZZ soil substrate matter is turned into agro-pellets for ease of use.


Our solutions are based on an original idea supported by research and development of the company and its strategic partners. The production process, products and equipment for treatment of bio-waste and production of regenerative substrate are protected by four domestic and two international patents in a number of countries. This allows us to develop business with high added value in various regions of the EU and overseas. Also, the trademark of the solution, product and the company Biograda, as well as the company name of our subsidiary Zdroje Zeme through which we operate the pilot plant in Horný Jatov are subject to protection.

Trade marks

We own a trade mark for the brand name Zdroje Zeme (our subsidiary responsible for the pilot plant) and for the name of our main product, a biochar regeneration and reclamation substrate effeco by ZZ.

Patents / Utility models

We own a number of industrial utility models and have submitted applications for domestic and international patent models for the production process, products and equipment for treatment of bio-waste and production of biochar-based regeneration substrate.


We have obtained an ISO 9001:2015 certificate for the process of Research and Development, and are currently in the process of certification and verification of efficiency and sustainability of soil regeneration and reclamation processes by means of the biochar substrate effeco by ZZ.

We cooperate with a worldwide renowned company in the process of obtaining an audit for economic and ecological sustainability of processes and products.